April 1, 2016

About Us

Eagle Asphalt Paving Ltd. is a leading contractor for grading, gravel-base and asphalt paving services in Alberta. Eagle Asphalt Paving Ltd. was first established in British Columbia in 1998 and has now grown to service Alberta in several major cities to small towns and villages across the province. Check out our Cities and Towns page for a complete list of all areas covered.

EAGLE ASPHALT PAVING LTD. Company proudly demonstrates its successful years of experience in the industry by:

  • Saving customer money with recycled products and appropriate pavement thickness
  • Easing concerns over bonding and liability with fully insured trucks, equipments and operations
  • Providing safe work environments
  • Upholding the highest standards of quality control

We are WCB insured and our projects are guaranteed so our clients feel secure about the work done. Contact us today and see the difference our skills can make to your spring or summer paving project. Throughout parking lots paving and driveways paving, we handle them all.

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