April 1, 2016

Pavement Maintenance Tips

Extend the Life of Your Asphalt Pavement

Resurfacing a parking lot or driveway is a large cost that not everyone budgets for. In order to extend the life of your pavement, take a proactive approach and consider doing some Pavement Preventive Maintenance (PPM). The concept behind PPM is to keep your goodpavement good and not letting it show signs of deterioration. Even if your pavement showssome signs of deterioration, PPM can help to get a few extra years out of your pavement. Hereare some PPM tips that can help you to save both your pavement and hard earned dollars:

1. Control Load on Your Pavement
Try to have larger vehicles like garbage trucks and delivery trucks access your property only if it is necessary. These heavy vehicles carry a lot of weight and can destroy your pavement in a hurry. Limit their presence on your pavement and you will lessen the amount of load your pavement has to undergo.

One way to do this is to move your garbage containers closer to the roadway where garbage trucks can access them without having to drive over your pavement. This is an easy fix and one that you can do for free.

2. Crack Filling
If your parking lot has existing cracks, crack filling should be done. Water can enter these cracks at gallons per minute and all that water will wash away your investment. Crack fill can be bought at stores in the area and you can install it yourself. If there are a lot of cracks, contact a contractor to install.

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